Pinnacle Sports was established in 1998, and since that time they have been offering bettors a unique alternative to other bookmakers. Their gimmick free approach simply focuses on offering you the best odds, and highest betting limits for every market that they provide, so you win more compared to the competition.

The Best Odds Online
‘Always get the best odds’ is the golden rule of sports betting and at Pinnacle Sports our aim is simply to offer the best odds for every market we post, while never charging commission. Quite simply, Pinnacle Sports offers the best odds online, so by opening an account at Pinnacle Sports, you give yourself the best chance to win more.

Best Odds - Don’t Lose Out With Poor Value
All bookmakers use a simple mathematical model of offering odds on the outcome of future events which do not fairly reflect the statistical probability of them occurring - the true odds. How far the odds bookmakers offer diverge from the true odds, tells bettors their value. The common measure of the value of odds is known as ‘margin’. There is a huge variance in the margin different bookmakers price into a market, and therefore the payout the player receives.


About Our Reputation - Fully Licensed & Regulated
Pinnacle Sports’ reputation is based on credibility. We are fully licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the Government of Curacao. The Southern Caribbean island of Curacao is one of the oldest, and most politically stable providers of regulated egaming services, serving some of the most highly regarded egaming organizations since 1996. The license covers games of chance and sports betting.


The Highest Limits
We offer exceptionally high betting limits on all major sports, unrivalled amongst our competitors, with the ability to re-bet to build a position. This has earned us an industry leading reputation as the bookmaker of choice for serious bettors.


About Our Approach - A Unique Bookmaking Model
Pinnacle Sports operates a unique low margin-high volume model that enables us to offer the best odds, and highest betting limits online. This distinguishes us from a traditional bookmaking approach, because we don’t take positions, but let markets shape themselves. This is only possible because we have refined a unique combination of exclusive technology, and expertise in odds-setting, that no competitor has been able to match, let alone better!

Winners Welcome – Why We Need Sharp Players
Unlike our competitors we actively welcome winners. We aren’t afraid of successful players, we need them. Our model requires the volume that serious bettors bring, and the betting behaviour of sharp bettors informs us, giving us the confidence to provide the best odds and highest betting limits online.


Live Betting
Get closer to the action with live sports betting at Pinnacle Sports with the same unbeatable value odds we offer for all our markets, giving you best chance to win more.


Transparent – Why We Are Happy To Explain How Bookmakers Work
Pinnacle Sports are unique within the industry for our transparency about how bookmakers work, because by educating bettors, we know that more will appreciate the value of our own unique bookmaking model. Bookmaking and betting is all about margins, and ours are the tightest around, which translates into the best odds for you. This is why at Pinnacle Sports you have the best chance to win more.

No Hidden Charges - Exchange Style Odds But No Commission
Many bettors are attracted by the odds offered on popular betting exchanges, and though their odds are generally on a par with Pinnacle Sports, the key point to remember is that exchanges deduct up to 5% commission from all winning bets, and successful players are often subject to additional charges, negating the value of exchange odds. Pinnacle Sports doesn't charge any commission on winning bets, with our odds, what you see is what you get.

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