Q: How can I see your picks?

A: Our picks are free and posted daily in our website.


Q: What leagues are you covering?

A: There is no answer here, as we cover all leagues. Our selections are from leagues all over the world.


Q: Do you also offer live picks?

A: No. All our picks are submitted before the start of the matches and are verified by blogabet.com


Q: Do you follow any betting systems?

A: All our picks are carefully selected. We post only single bets, on a 1-10 stakes scale.


Q: Why should I trust your picks?

A: We cannot guarantee anything and we can reassure you that we are not zombies or UFOs with special abilities, but just humans. We use our knowledge and info to make some predictions and share our picks with you. We are really confident, though, that we will manage to achieve a good ROI on the long term, for those that follow our picks.